The Mimara Museum, Zagreb - The Passion of the Christ and Resurrection, March 16-29, 2013.


(the exhibition of the sculptor Zlatko Čular and the painter Maja Dolenčić-Malešević in ¨the Croatian Louvre¨, the Mimara Museum, on the theme of The Passion of the Christ and Resurrection, March 16-29, 2013)

by Bogdan Malešević (Croatian author from Zagreb, the son of the painter Maja Dolenčić-Malešević)

From the beginning of the bloody years for Croatia's freedom in 1991, the festivities of the so called Passion Heritage have been held in the metropolis of Zagreb. Ten days before Easter different cultural events, such as exhibitions, concerts, traditional local melodies, performances, recitals, receiving awards and round table discussions have been held. What all these events have in common is that they all carry the christological and passion mystery in themselves-the Mystery of the Passion and Resurrection.

The 22nd Passion Heritage will be held from March 16-27, 2013. It will be rich, one Gesammkunstwerk, the expression of central theme through the arts. From the very beginning these events were organised by the Passion Heritage society. There are artists, priests, and professors in it with Master of Arts Jozo Čikeš as art administrator. The organisers are not satisfied only with events and performances. In the last few years a series of thick volumes of scientific research has been published, The Passion as an inexhaustible inspiration of culture, which are the fruits of scientific symposiums held in different geographical localities not only in Croatia but also as the Croatian passion genius, for example in Boka kotorska or in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is evident that the basic phenomenon of culture associated to the basic Christian mystery is being discussed. I am writing this text after yesterday's opening of the 22nd celebration of Passion Heritage held in ¨the Croatian Louvre¨ the Mimara Museum in the luxurious decor with talks of the city and governmental representatives with the performance of Kajkavian Passion according to John (the passional of Northern Croatia in 1683) by the ensemble Collegium pro musica sacra and the opening of the exhibition of Death and Resurrection of Christ. The works of one sculptor and one painter from the Zagreb Šalata are presented (from the art colony in the city centre), the sculptor Zlatko Čular and the painter Maja Dolenčić-Malešević whose artistic expression of christological and mariological mystery has been conjured up by academician Tonko Maroević.

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